Develop a business plan

what is business plan?

People talk about what they want to read and a good digital PR professional must know what to share.

Link building is one of the most difficult strategies in an SEO project. With some innovation and creativity, you can transform it into a tough, but rewarding journey.

So, I’m going to teach you how to improve your link building strategy by achieving important links using data-driven journalism, marketing research, and Google Forms.

Original research makes great linkbait!

First of all: nothing here is doctrine. This is just one of many available strategies that you can apply to your daily link building job.

As a specialist, one of my daily activities is to read and study a lot of articles.

We live in the “content age”, but you must keep in mind what really matters for your project. Simplifying and being objective about what you want for your clients will help you to find value in the journey, and find good content to inspire your strategies – like this article.

Help you run your business

The Oxford comma, also known as the serial comma, gets its name from the prestigious University of Oxford – specifically the Oxford University Press. It’s a punctuation mark used in writing to help clarify meaning.

You’ve likely seen it before – or even used it without realizing it. This little piece of punctuation is found right before ‘and’ or ‘or’ in a list of three or more items.

For example: “I love reading books, playing guitar, and baking cookies.”

Notice that tiny pause-maker just after “guitar”? That’s the Oxford comma.

But why use it?

In many cases, yes, comma placement matters. The purpose behind the series comma is to avoid confusion when writing a list of things.

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